How to Stretch Your Content

As a new business, your market does not know you exist. It is your job, or your marketing team’s job, to let your prospect clients know about your business and the value you offer.

How do you do this? Content.

Content is great because it can establish you as a thought leader in your industry, its absolutely necessary to rank in the search engines, it produces organic PR, but most importantly, it builds trust with your customers.

Content includes, blog posts, reports/white papers, social media posts, and basically any customer facing documents or materials. In general, the more quality content you produce, the more inbound leads you’re likely to get.

WARNING– notice I said quality content and not just content. There are many businesses who put alot of effort into their content creation yet they fail to see inbound leads, this is because they are producing either low-quality content or not the right kind of content.

In this section I will share with you some of the ways I come up with content, and how to easily create content your customers will love.

What is Quality Content?

Quality content is content that provides value to your customer.

Here are some ideas for content resources:

  • A detailed answer to your FAQs
  • Reviewing a case study or any new data/facts
  • Doing a review of your product/service and comparing it to a larger competitor
  • Discussing a “big claim” or “hot take” in your industry
  • Addressing “myths” in your industry
  • A tutorial on how to do a task or service in your industry more efficiently

Quality content is value-adding. The value you bring doesn’t always have to do directly with your product. Creating content that is valuable to your customer and not just a sales pitch of your product or service, will establish trust with your customer. Trust = Sales.

How I Create Content

If you read the “About Me” section of this blog you’ll know that I have experience with handling the marketing for small/start-up companies (and by marketing I also mean PR, data analyst and sometimes sales). Here are some of the strategies I’ve leaned on for creating content in the past.

The Tutorial or the “How-To”

A general rule in marketing is that all content should do at least one of the following for your customers:

  • Help them make or save more money
  • Help them save time
  • Help them do a difficult task easier/make their life easier

Creating a tutorial or a “How-To” in the form of webinar, video, or blog post will show that you care about your customers’ personal goals, and add value to their lives. I also suggest creating some kind of downloadable document that will aid your customer in the tutorial. Offering a free document will enhance the value-adding angle you’re aiming for.

As a small business owner, you’re probably an expert in your industry. This content method gives you the opportunity to become a “thought leader” and build trust with your prospect clients.

How to Webinar
Hosting & Promoting Your Webinar

Hosting a webinar can seem like a daunting task but once you figure out you’ve seriously increased your content quality while reducing the effort you put into it. Its also important to note that most video content can be considered quality content. This is because people tend to engage more when they see like-minded people (use your salesmen in webinars) talking about something they’re interested in.

If you’re going to have a webinar you need to have at least two people. Watching a discussion or an interview is much better than watching a monologue. I suggest finding another business owner or expert in your industry to share your webinar with. This will expose your company to their audience, broadening your reach.

To be honest, I’m not completely familiar with all the best ways to round up webinar attendees, but I like to create a group on LinkedIn and invite my connections. You could also do this with a Facebook group or any social media that allows you to create a group and market to those people directly.

Create a graphic telling your prospect customers about the webinar and send it out to your email contact list and post it on your company’s relevant social media accounts. I suggest doing this about 3 weeks prior to your webinar so people have the opportunity to see that you’re having a webinar. In those 3 weeks post articles on topics related to your webinar, ask the group questions or do polls, and remind people to register. Even if no one responds or engages with your posts at first, doing this will be a daily reminder to your group to register for your webinar.

Here are some resources for creating awesome webinars:

Using Your Webinar for Content

Okay! Day of your webinar came and went, now what? Now you have a ton of content! First, post your webinar to your company’s YouTube channel and send it to your attendees. I highly suggest also sending some kind of free document or tool (as mentioned in the above section). Also, send a survey (I use MailChimp) to your customers to gage how they liked the webinar and what other topics they’d like to see a webinar on in the future. This will give you ideas for future webinars and advice on how to improve your webinars.

Next, create your content. Cut clips of the most important parts of your webinar. I suggest keeping clips at an absolute maximum of 2 minutes and use PremierPro to put your company’s logo in the corner of each clip. On your website, post your webinar and an article outlining the main points of the webinar for those who were not able to attend.

Now you can post the clips/article on your chosen social media with a relevant caption and a Call to Action. Remember to tag anyone who appeared in the webinar with you. This increases the likelihood they repost your content, exposing your company to a new audience. This cross promotion also makes it more likely they will do more webinars with you in the future.

Based on your business, you can use your attendee list to do sales outreach. But that is sale’s job. Make sure you’re not trying to sell to people who aren’t your customer profile. If you notice that most of your attendees are not your customers, rethink your webinar topic/style and aim for a topic that is relevant to your customers.

Also, if only 10 people came to your webinar…. that’s pretty good! Nothing worth doing happens over night and this, like almost all marketing, will take time. They key is to be consistent.

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