How to Start Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies because almost all working adults use email and trust this form of communication.

Because email is a trusted form of communication, it is important to treat your email list with respect and make sure:

  1. your audience has agreed to receive emails from you
  2. you aren’t spamming your audience with emails that don’t provide value to them

This article will give you the basics of email marketing and how to get started.

How to Build an Email List

Before you can start your email marketing campaign, you have to have an email list. An email list simply refers to all the emails you have collected through your lead generation tactics. Your email list is made of prospect customers who are interested in content you put out, your product/service, or just what you have to say in general.

Lead Generation Tactics …

There are many different kinds of lead generation tactics and its worth trying out multiple strategies to see what works best for your business.

Tactics I use:

  • Sign up for an email series/ email newsletter
  • Free Checklist/Report/eBook or other content in exchange for an email
  • Live Webinar
  • Email wall to see certain videos/evergreen webinar on website

The idea of lead generation tactics is that you’re giving your prospect customer something of value in return of their email. Now that they’ve gotten something for free from you, they may be more interested in similar information and how it relates to the product/service you’re selling.

Using email to regularly send your prospect customers information they find valuable will lead to them converting into to a customer, scheduling a meeting with you, or whatever goal you want them to achieve.

How to Write an Email Campaign

Email Marketing works best if you are consistently sending emails to your list. But do not spam your list by sending emails everyday or sending poor quality emails. If your audience is seeing interesting content from you on a regular basis, they will start to trust you. By talking too much about your product, you remind your prospect customers that you have a bottom line and they will be less trusting of someone who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

If you can make your customer want to reach out to you, then you’ve basically made a sale. Turn your prospect customers into actual customers by being a source of valuable content/ information for them.

The first step to creating high-quality emails is by creating high quality content. Get to know your ideal customer’s problems and goals, then make content that helps them solve their problems and meet their goals. By putting high-quality content in your emails, or links to high quality content, you’re more likely to convert your audience to customers.

Content in this context could be:

  • A blog post (a common source of my email content)
  • A free guide/eBook/report or case study
  • A Coupon! (Good for new businesses)
  • News about an upcoming sale or raffle
  • High-authority press you’ve received
  • Explanation about how your product/service can solve their problems (use sparingly!)

I suggest planning out a campaign 7-10 weeks long, with new and interesting content in every email. Once in a while send an email where you talk directly about your product, but not too often. If the customer is constantly reminded about your bottom line, you will lose credibility in their eyes and your marketing will not be nearly as effective.

How to Write an Email

This is very important to know because the emails you write as part of a series of emails in a marketing campaign are very different than the types of emails you write to friends or work colleagues.

First of all I’m going to assume your using some kind of email marketing platform. There are many good ones out there so it is important for you to do research to decide which platform is best for you. These platforms are important to have because they help you with audience management which is a key element of email marketing.

Another reason an email marketing platform is helpful is because it ensures all your emails look uniform. This is great for brand recognition.

If you’ve taken courses on copywriting for you website, sales letters, landing pages, the rules for writing emails are generally the same.

The emails you’re sending should be short and have a specific goal, or a Call to Action (CTA). I recommend using a template that is all white, so you can color sections/words/buttons that you want to stand out. You should also use short, clear sentences. The idea is that your email is easy and fast to read. From the intro to the signature I try to use no more than 10 lines of text, with a concise and obvious CTA at the end.

Other important elements of a good email:

  • An intriguing subject line
  • A relevant and also intriguing Headline
  • Copy that addresses a problem the recipient may be having and a possible solution (your product)
  • CTA
  • Option to unsubscribe (in small text)

I could very easily write an entire blog post on all the things mentioned above, and I’m sure eventually I will, but until then here are some other resources for writing high quality emails.

Email Marketing Analytics

So at this point you’ve created an email campaign and you’re using lead generating tactics to build an email list to send prospect customers content.

Now its time to start the never ending journey of optimizing your email campaigns through tracking analytics (another reason to utilize an email service).

By tracking metrics like:

  • open rate
  • link clicks (click-through rate)
  • website visits
  • conversions
  • unsubscribes

… you can better understand what content your audience does and does not like, how to segment your audience, and what kinds of content your audience wants to engage with. If you notice an email has more unsubscribes than other emails, you may want to rethink the messaging of that email.

It’s important to note that the goal of email marketing is not to email prospect customers forever. Check your marketing analytics regularly and archive emails that haven’t opened or engaged with your emails for months. This will keep your email marketing data clean, will prevent you from annoying a prospect lead, and will make it easier to see emails that are actually engaging with your content.

Your email list is your top of funnel leads, so make sure to only send your list high quality content and you will over time create fans of your product/service/brand.

More in-depth Email Marketing Resources:

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