Book Review: Digital Neuromarketing

Digital Neuromarketing by Sam Page is a high level guide and introduction to digital marketing basics. As someone with a blog on digital marketing basics, this book is very thorough and great for those starting off in digital marketing.

The best part about Digital Neuromarketing is that it explains the psychological reasons why certain marketing strategies are considered best practices.

One of the best sections of the book is on the Psychology of Web Design. When it comes to web design, Page’s guide is concise and covers the essentials. Page even gets into topics related to branding and how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can inform your web design. It is important to have a web design that is user friendly because:

  1. You want prospect customer to easily be able to navigate your website
  2. Usability is important for SEO and customer satisfaction

Often I see companies who are not thinking about the customer journey on their website. As a result, customers may not stay on the website as long and are less likely to become customers. Page’s input helps readers see that your website is the start of your sales funnel and how to lead users to convert to customers.

Digital Neuromarketing also gives some great tips on how to write persuasively, a skill that is helpful for writing emails, web copy, sales letter and anytime you’re looking to make a sale.

Some of Page’s tips for writing persuasively include:

  • Write about how your product will change your customers’ life, not your products’ features
  • Remember people are thinking about themselves, if your copy isn’t about the customers’ experience and solving their problems, your copy won’t sell
  • Use short and easy to understand sentences. Make your content skim-able. Write more like you’re talking to a friend than in a super professional tone

Overall, this is a great quick read for those starting off their career in digital marketing. Page’s expertise on subjects like copy writing, website design, digital ads and more is a great introduction to the main digital marketing subjects.

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