Generate leads for your B2B business

Do you want to easily generate leads so that customers come to you? Check out these 3 Lead Generation Strategies I’ve used to create leads for B2B customers.

1. Lead Generation with Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are essentially a free piece of content your audience can get in exchange for giving you their email address. As you collect emails you’ll build an email list. Send your email list valuable content until they are ready to buy from you. A solid lead magnet and email campaign strategy are a must for B2B businesses in 2021.

The best lead magnets offer something of value to the customer. This could be a downloadable pdf, a mini course, an ebook, or any digital content your target audience is willing to give you their email address for.

2. Generate Leads on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to generate B2B leads you must be using LinkedIn. I personally have had great experiences engaging with B2B leads on LinkedIn and know its a strategy worth pursuing for many B2B businesses.

The first rule of selling on LinkedIn is to have a good profile. This means a professional picture, connections, a filled out work history, and bio that uses “key words” that you want to be known for. Example- if you sell event planning software keywords could be “Event Planner, Wedding, Automated Scheduling, Lower Planning Costs”. Make your brand and value offering obvious.

Second rule is to engage on LinkedIn. This means posting high-quality content consistently, engaging with your audience, commenting on posts, and even messaging prospects. Every month your business LinkedIn account receives a certain amount of “invitations” that do not role over month to month. Try to use these invitations up every month in order to grow your LinkedIn connections. The more people following your LinkedIn page, the more people seeing your marketing efforts.

3. Generate Leads with Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is another way to quickly generate leads. Only use this strategy if you’re prepared to learn to use it or pay someone who does know how to use it. If you try to one-and-done your ad set up/ strategy, you likely won’t see a very good return on investment.

I have had great luck using LinkedIn Campaigns and GoogleAds. These are both great for most B2B businesses but if there is another platform you know your audience prefers check out ads there as well.

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