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Marketing Strategies for 2022

One of the biggest marketing trends in 2021 was more businesses adopting
digital marketing lead outreach and social selling strategies. It is essential
to see that in 2022, companies will be offering their audience more value than ever to grow their following and customer base.

This article will cover a few of the marketing trends that are likely to
grow in 2022.

1. Taking a holistic approach toward finding your target audience

The businesses that succeed are the businesses that understand what their
audience wants. A vital element of a holistic marketing strategy is engaging
with your customers on multiple platforms to create the best picture of their

Examples could include:

Creating a Facebook Page to discuss your product/service/industry and where you make informative posts that will be relevant to your customers’ interests.

Hosting an in-person or digital event. Something as simple as a Zoom meet-up and Q&A can show customers that your business exists for them and encourages customers to be honest about how your product/service has improved their lives.

Use Instagram, Facebook Live, or other live video services to freely talk to your audience. You don’t always have to be selling on these; instead, take time to speak about lifestyle elements relevant to your audience. 

Follow up a survey with an informational call. Offer an incentive for a customer to fill out a survey and then discuss their study with you on a call. Surveys are often black-and-white, but they are useful data collection tools. Asking customers to discuss their study for some reward will let you see behind the answers and understand why they gave those answers

Create a newsletter where you address customer feedback for your entire audience to see. This is also an excellent excuse to consistently end up in your audiences’ email inbox.

2. Making your customers part of the business

In 2022, customers will have seemingly endless options to fulfill their
wants/needs. Rather than trying to compete for customers with other companies in your field, try to niche down your business to meet the needs of your primary target audience. By encouraging customers to give their opinion on the products you sell, your site usability, social media events, and other more creative aspects of the business.


Co-creating is a term that refers to the creative process where a company works with the customers to create products they’ll want. This option to have their opinion included is a great way to grow your audience. Lego is an excellent example of a company that has found success in co-creation. By allowing their audience to submit and vote on ideas for Lego models, they improve their products by giving the customers example of what they ask for.

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content is also an excellent way to involve your customers in your business. Many clothing brands will repost Instagram posts with their labels’ hashtags on their sites. This is great for anyone trying to grow their social media account’s following. It also gives your company social proof.

3. Keep up with the times

Timing is an essential but tricky aspect of marketing and business in
general. In 2022 we see trends where more people are making purchases related to their values. An example of this is purposefully shopping at small
businesses instead of amazon or spending more on sustainable brands to avoid fast fashion.

Here are some ways to keep your brand in the public eye.

Social good is now a big part of many businesses’ marketing strategies due
to the significant climate change impacts we all experience and see in the
news. One good way to keep your company relevant and give back is to align your company with a mission that reflects your values.

TOMS shoe brand has always aligned its brand with sustainability and giving back. The brand highlights efforts to be more sustainable on its social platforms and promises to donate shoes to a person in need for every pair of TOMS purchased. This tie to a cause makes consumers feel like doing business with TOMS is like doing good for the world.

As climate change continues to be a problem, we see many other companies committing to reducing it. Your brand message becomes more trustworthy by showing customers that you are committed to making the world a better place

You already know that you need to keep up with digital trends to stay
relevant on social media. Still, it can be tiresome, and many businesses’ marketing strategies fall through because they can’t keep up. Video is an example of a trend that many are hesitant to get on, despite Instagram being clear on the importance of reels on their platform.

Because social media algorithms and trends are constantly changing, I try to
check popular digital marketing publications for the latest information. Some
of my favorites are:

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