Lead Generation Surveys

Lead Generation Surveys 101

One of the best ways to improve your marketing campaigns (and, therefore,
sales) is to understand your audience and deliver value to them effectively. This requires consistent and thorough research and discussions with people in your audience. In this post, I’m highlighting lead generation surveys and how you can learn more about your audience while improving your lead generation capabilities.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you likely have already done
audience research to build your messaging strategy. But what if your customers’ tastes and preferences change over time?

Sending regular surveys to your target audience or email list is a great way to learn about your audiences’ latest preferences and continuously improve your campaigns.

In this article, I will walk you through how to survey your audience for
campaign optimization.

Your Goals for Lead Generation Survey

The first step to creating a consistent and effective audience survey
strategy is to think about what you currently know about your audience and identify holes in your understanding of their behaviors that need to fill to improve the value you’re delivering. Also, make sure you dive a little
deeper into pain points you know exist
with your customers, industry,
or product/service.

Questions like…

  • Rate your satisfaction with the outcome of product X from 1-4. Could you explain why you gave it that rating?
  • What drove you to invest in product X for your business?
  • What dream features/benefits would you like to get from product X in the future?

…help you understand your audience’s deep-rooted needs better, how they
feel about your product, and how it can be improved in the future. It is also essential to keep your questions as objective as possible.

You could also have surveys with the goal of creating content. By collecting
accurate data from your audience, you can create engaging content that directly relates to your audience.

Getting Your Audience to Complete the Survey

After deciding on the goals of your survey, you need to make sure people are
taking your survey. The best ways to encourage your audience to take your
survey are…

Keep Surveys Short

Keeping your survey short is likely the best way to encourage your audience
to participate in your survey. By short, I mean around ten questions.┬áIf the information you need doesn’t fit the various questions format, you may want to conduct phone interviews so you can turn a longer survey into a short conversation with your customer. This will likely give you more details on the subject.

Offer Incentives

Offering an incentive for filling out a survey is another way to encourage
participation. This could be a gift card, a raffle ticket, or a physical prize
like an iPad mini.

If you’re running short on cash, you can also offer the incentive of telling
participants that they will be participating in an industry-leading study or a
state-wide study. Some critical data collection activities may also encourage participation.

Creating some incentive or benefit to your audience for filling out a survey
will increase your number of responses, making your conclusions from the data more valid. Offering accurate decisions to your audiences’ problems will be vital to improving lead generation.

Lead generation is often about give and take, so offering an incentive
for a survey is a common theme when growing your pipeline.

Encourage Lead Generation

Make the survey and the incentive are easy to find. Some ways I promote surveys are:

Promoting your survey multiple times on multiple channels will also be
essential to ensure your audience sees it.

Understand the Results of Your

It is essential to think of surveys as data collection tools that can be
used to inform your lead generation campaigns. When your data (surveys) come back, use the information to build fuller profiles in your Customer Relations Management (CRM) Software. This will help you better understand your customers and their buying motivations. Fuller pictures of your audience can also be created using graphs and charts so you can easily explain to others the result of your survey. By implementing the results of your data collection into your marketing strategies, you can increase lead generation through your surveys.

Using Surveys for Lead Generation

Lastly, use your survey information to create better campaigns and drive
lead generation. I have successfully been able to do this two ways in the past:

  1. Turn your survey data into gated content.
  2. Create campaigns for your audience based on their survey results.

New reports and data are among the best performing lead magnets you can get. By creating a designed report that uses graphics to represent your data and offers possible conclusions, you can make a great piece of content to put
behind an email wall. This means your audience gives you their email in
exchange for downloading your content.

Hopefully, you have gotten new, high-quality data from your audience. Use
this data to re-segment your audience and create a campaign tailored to their responses. The more information you gather, the more tailored you can make your campaigns, and the more likely your campaigns are to generate sales.

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