LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for 2022

LinkedIn is the social media of choice for many B2B companies, yet many businesses don’t have a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and struggle to grow on this platform.

Before I get started on the specific ways to increase awareness for your company on LinkedIn, the best strategy for growing on this platform is to contribute to your community. That means:

  • Posting comments regularly that show you understood the content
  • Messaging and conversing with other LinkedIn users in your industry
  • Making high-value posts. Meaning either educational or entertaining posts relevant to your niche.

Read on if you’d like a few more specific ways to grow on the LinkedIn platform.

Optimize your Profile

It is essential to have an optimized profile like all social media platforms. On LinkedIn, this means:

  • A professional headshot
  • Up-to-date job history
  • A title/name with relevant keywords for your industry/niche
  • A bio with keywords and contact information
  • Your best posts pinned


Engagement is the most obvious way to grow on any social media platform but engaging with only your friends or coworkers isn’t enough.

Here are some LinkedIn engagement strategies:

Hashtag Follower: LinkedIn has hashtags that can be used to find other posts in your niche/industry. Follow these hashtags; the more niche, the better, and consistently comment on these posts in a way that shows you read and thought about the position. This strategy will also show you what types of content and formats perform well in your niche to make similar posts (never copy, take note of the content type and post format).

Comment Often: This strategy is vital if you’re trying to grow fast on LinkedIn. Comment on like 30 posts a day. The more you comment, the faster awareness for your page will grow. Again, make sure your comments show you digested the content. This will raise awareness for your page.

Write articles & Posts: Provide value to your community that encourages engagement. Articles on industry topics or posts that give your point of view on relevant news perform well on LinkedIn.

Quality Posts & Direct Messaging

LinkedIn is a unique social platform in that it is easy to have a genuine connection with people in your industry. It’s a good idea to continuously grow your connections/network on LinkedIn by adding people you work with and people you want to work with. Review your prospect connection’s pages before reaching out when trying to make new connections. Knowing more about them will show you are genuinely interested in connecting.

If you’re selling in a B2B market, your target audience may be on LinkedIn. It is essential to make connections and join groups you know your target audience participates in. By consistently commenting on industry news in front of your target customer connections, you encourage your audience to engage with you.


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