Lead Generation Surveys

Lead Generation Surveys 101

One of the best ways to improve your marketing campaigns (and, therefore,sales) is to understand your audience and deliver value to them effectively. This requires consistent and thorough research and discussions with people in your audience. In this post, I’m highlighting lead generation surveys and how you can learn more about your audience while improving …

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Why Blog?

Content marketing/blogging makes up the backbone of many marketing strategies. Blog posts are important for educating your audience, something many companies wish to do. Blog posts, if used efficiently, can also provide you with a significant amount of high quality content that can be used over a long period of time. In this guide I …

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Increase your inbound leads with Google Search Ads

As digital marketing becomes more prevalent, businesses are now more than ever looking for ways to “find their tribe” and target the audience that will benefit the most from their product/service. As a marketer, I’ve found Google ads to be a great source of inbound leads that can eventually in parallel to regular content and …

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